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Bryan, I'm not going to stand in your way of advertising SKDB wherever you can that is reasonably appropriate, :-) but I consolidated most of the various content here with links to it:


I did that because while OpenVirgle, OSCOMAK, and SKDB are all related, they are also all different things, and so each can (and IMHO, should) have their own (overlapping) roadmaps.

Also, slow as I am getting in my old age :-), I also finally figured out what you may have meant by a likely intentionally obscure phrasing :-) and so rewrote it as an opinion (since it is controversial): "collaborating on projects that the SKDB author maintains otherwise would be socially inaccessible due to various "scarcity-age" issues that, in his opinion, can be abolished."

To my mind, there is a big difference between empowering people to manage the level of risk they take on hosting other people's content under our current legal framework (flawed as it is) by using a distributed system by collaborating in small workgroups like, say, Groove does (my own intent when I discuss distributed systems) and other ideas which one might or might not read into your writing and which you might or might not hold. :-) I can also suggest you could start an advocacy page including a link to http://www.eff.org/ about things people could do to change the laws in relation to copyright, patents, etc. :-)

(Yes, I'm covering my ass. :-)

--PaulFernhout 09:49, 28 April 2008 (EDT)

Being a pair of fairly fresh eyes on this conglomeration of projects, it is hard to understand where the backbone(s) is/are versus the secondary and tertiary pages. I've seen OSCOMAK/SKDB referenced a number of times in the past but have not been able to grasp how they fit into the grand scheme.

That being said... passion and ambition make up for a lack of organization 9 times out of 10. And since there are numerous TODOs listed on the SKDB page, I will assume you want help in this area. For instance:

> # Real TODO: finalize plans on where to dump stuff on the user's system, what directories are good/bad?

Why finalize anything? Let the user decide where things should go. If I ever need to make reference to anything, I have always been partial to $XYZ_HOME or %XYZ_HOME% because relative paths from environmentally defined variables give a semi-advanced user the power they need to define their own "dump location".

On another note... I have never used Git before and it appears to be the preferred method to "checkout" files from the OSCOMAK repository. Is this correct? Is there any easy-to-follow instructions?

--Robert.vandyk 01:21, 10 July 2008 (EDT)

Yeah it is hard to understand the hierarchy. Maybe we should make a project outline page?

OSCOMAK is sort of competing with SKDB, though using a combination of them is also an option. They are both trying to do the same thing: create a free/open source repository of engineering knowledge. OSCOMAK is this wiki. It depends on the semantic features of mediawiki (which you have to turn on), which aren't very flexible but are easy to edit.

SKDB uses a git repository. I don't have much experience with it either, but it will use an established YAML syntax in the repository to store information, along with a human readable document and anything else you want (images and CADs) which is flexible but confusing.

Virgle is basically just the category for space related engineering in both projects. Hope that answers your questions.

--MikeHarris 10:08, 11 July 2008 (EDT)